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What can you expect during your first visit? First, we wear jeans and T-shirts, or you can dress up if you need a reason to wear something other than joggers because that's all you wore during the pandemic. Even if you spill coffee on your shirt or your kid throws up on you while en route to church, join us anyway. Come as you are. Given our church is in North Texas, you may find some of us in shorts because this is real life on the equator. 


At the start of the service, we enjoy some amazing live music. Take our word for it. Our band is that great. It's definitely a solid reason to check us out. They are a true blessing for ears, hearts, and souls.

Senior Pastor Melissa Hatch will then engage you with a current world, real-life, practical-application message complemented with biblical scripture to equip you for navigating life on earth today. Life is tough. R.E.M. was right -- everybody hurts. Every. One. No one is immune to adversity, loneliness, hard times, etc. There are peaks and valleys and different seasons. We strive to answer God's call to support one another as a community through those good and bad times. Pastor Melissa is our passionate, empathetic, right-there-with-you, failure-is-not-an-option leader. 

No matter what leads you to Button Church, we pray God will help comfort anything troubling you, you leave feeling encouraged, and you want to know more about Jesus. 





Every Sunday, 9:30am to 10:30am

  • Children and adult classes

Every Sunday in person, 10:30am to 11:30am


Every Sunday, 9:30am to 11:30am

  • Paid, background-checked staff


At Button, we include a short children's message during the main worship service because Jesus loves the little children, and so do we. We don't freak out if a baby cries during a service. That's actually a joyful sound. I mean, we are all children of God, right? You will also find our church to be foster care and adoption friendly. The Bible tells us to care for those who cannot care for themselves, and we literally try to live that through our service, prayers, and interactions. 

We truly hope and pray that everyone feels welcome at Button. No matter if you're single, divorced, married, separated, retired, widowed, lonely, overwhelmed, confused, angry, sad -- you matter to God, and you matter to us. 


Button Youth

Button Youth is for children in 6th through 12th grades.


Our middle and high school students meet for a variety of fellowship and growth opportunities through service projects, missions, and fun activities. 

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