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The History of Button United Methodist Church in Little Elm, Texas

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Photographed by Jackson Frye

We get asked all the time about the name of our church. We think it's a pretty neat story, especially if you find local history interesting.

While the name of church was given in honor for a couple of members, George and Sarah Button, who contributed funds to build our current church building, the date of our humble beginnings goes all the way back to 1853.

How cool is it to think that our church has weathered economic storms, evolving political administrations, community growth, and all the things that happen and change over the course of nearly two centuries? We think it is beyond cool and are happy to have these historical records to know where we came from and for future generations to know as well.

Button UMC has an official historical marker on the property it has called home since 1962 - thanks, George and Sarah! You can read more about what qualified Button to be a historically marked location in North Texas. The official Denton County website also has a nice historical narrative written by Kristy Vivian of the Texas Historical Commission.

For perspective, in 1853, Millard Fillmore was the outgoing U.S. President when Franklin Pierce took office as the 14th U.S. President in March. Levi Strauss, as in Levi jeans, and Steinway and Sons, as in piano makers, were both founded in 1853.

Churches certainly grow and adjust to meet the needs of today's world who need to hear the Word and love of Jesus, however, we are happy to continue what was started long ago and hope to continue into the next two centuries. Come visit a little piece of history and get to know Button that exists today.


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