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Feed My Sheep Food Pantry Serves 3,000 in Little Elm Community

What a year! Button United Methodist Church's "Feed My Sheep" food pantry ministry served more than 3,000 individuals in the Little Elm area. Wow. It definitely takes a village of dedicated volunteers with servant hearts to run the food pantry two days a week ... and it takes a lot of generous donors to contribute food that can be shared with those who may need a little extra help on a given week. We also get help from a collaboration with the North Texas Food Bank.

The Feed My Sheep food pantry does NOT ask questions of those who may need help with food. Life is hard. No one is immune to adversity at some season of life, so volunteers from Button UMC do not judge or question why the need exists. We just want to help and do what we believe Jesus would do.

You can get an inside look at the Feed My Sheep pantry captured by Prosper High School students starting at 34:29.

The food pantry is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am to noon.

Donations can be made to the food pantry by purchasing items on our Amazon wish list.

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