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Button UMC Youth and Adults Serve in Oklahoma on Summer Mission Trip

Pastor Melissa and other mission trip participants shared about their experience serving in Oklahoma. During this year's mission trip, much work was done on a fellow Methodist church in need of repairs, lots of fellowship, and an education in Native American history and culture.

Button United Methodist Church believes in love in action. It's one thing to tell our youth about the importance of serving others in need and quite another to go do it and see immediate results. While we can and do local missions work in our community here in North Texas, we believe it is vital to go, see, and learn from other cultures and areas. While we go with a mission to serve, it is us who returns changed and blessed for the better.

If you've never been on a mission trip, prayerfully consider investing your time and having a life-changing experience in more ways than one. The memories made and impact on your soul will be well worth any slight disruption to routine or using time off or summer break in service. One week of helping others can impact you for a lifetime.

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